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What you need to know about our classes...

How to Pay
At the first class of the 5 week term by cash or cheque
Before the class via Paypal

What to wear
Leggings, jogging bottoms, yoga pants, flowing skirt
t-shirt, leotard, 
bare foot, dance slippers
ANYTHING you can move comfortably in

First Class

Arrive 5-10 minutes before class & have a chat with the teacher
Complete a student registration form
Ask any questions

Class terms and conditions
* Students pay for 5 continuous weeks, which make up a term
* Missed classes will prevent a student passing the term & dance level
* Students can arrange 'catch-up' sessions with the teacher (ask for details)
* Students to arrive in good time for class
* Students must sign in at each class

Full details about what students can expect from Mystic Bellydance and what is expected of students in return is detailed in the Mystic Bellydance Student Guide.

Please make the most out of handouts either via class or email, and information is also shared via our Facebook groups


Minimum class age: 18 years

Maximum class age: no maximum - but suggested 70 years

Older students who are 70 years+ are welcome, but please ensure you speak to your own health professional first. 

Male students are welcome


Bad Weather & Class Cancellations
Notifications will be made via our open group Facebook page
Students are reminded to check these before venturing out for their own health & safety, or call the teacher if unsure
Cancelled classes are rare - please ensure a contact mobile number is provided to the teacher, or a phone number where a message can be left.


About your dance journey...
Always work at a level you are comfortable with and be patient with your progress.  Remember that you are learning to move in a completely different way from your 'everyday life'.  No moves should cause you any pain or discomfort, so listen to your body and notify the teacher if you have any issues at the time to avoid injury or discomfort.   

(Image from East Anglia Belly Dance Superstars Show 2013.  Photo credit Tracie Robinson) 


The Student Zone
Mystic Students have their own 'Student Zone' for specific information which is password protected.  Ask in class for your password and then click on the star below...

We are great believers in supporting the bellydance community and will share information about events, classes and workshops with students from teachers who have signed up for 'Project: Dance'.  The East Anglian Belly Dance community is thriving and students can take part in as much or as little as they choose.  Through this community there is an annual charity show called East Anglian Belly Dance Superstars and this enables us to raise funds for worthwhile causes which are decided upon by the show organiser. 

A good dance teacher will always help you to find out more about the world of bellydance and will encourage you to attend classes, workshops and events with other recommended teachers to help broaden knowledge and skills.  The links page shows a number of teachers from across East Anglia who are very talented and supportive not only of the community by their students.

Looking for more Haflas, workshops and Classes? 



Dance Troupe

Want to join the Mystic Bellydance dance Troupe Mystique?  
Students are welcome to try out at anytime.  Please speak to Leanne about requirements.


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