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What to wear for class...
Dressing comfortably is the key, as you want to be able to move freely when you are learning to dance.  When you are ready to purchase some dance costumes to wear to class, or for performing in, these will be a staple of your dance wardrobe.

Pictured above is a photograph of the Summer School students 2017 with teacher Leanne (bottom right).

As you can see we dress comfortably for class in a mixture of soft trousers/harem pants and flowing skirts, we wear t-shirts, vest tops, tie-front tops, cotton bodysuits or beaded belly dance tops.  On our 5th week of each term, we like to dress up and bring a bit of sparkle to class, so everyone is encouraged to wear they glittery jewellery and hair flowers, floaty satin skirts, beaded tops, velvet dresses and so on - as getting dressed up is part of the fun of learning to dance!  

Leanne, and troupe dancers will bring in costumes, accessories and props to sell in class or at workshops, because it not only ensures that new students have a chance to purchase some great items at purse-friendly prices, but that it's recycling what we have & we all tend to put our costume sales money towards new belly dance clothing - or towards troupe purchased costumes.

We dance barefoot - but Chinese/Tai-Chi slippers work well, ballet slippers, or folding slippers (such as 'Tipsy-feet shoes).  We are always happy to help new students find costumes, and we are able to offer guidance if needed.

Although a coined or beaded belt is not traditional, it has become an iconic part of a dancers wardrobe today.  The coins used to be a symbol of how good a dancer was, as they would sew real coins to their clothing.


If you are looking for bellydance costumes, accessories, dvd's, cd's, jewellery and more... these are some of Mystic Bellydance's favourite suppliers who come highly recommended... 

Aladdins Cave
Bellydance costumes
Dance accessories

Farida Dance
for bellydance costumes & accessories
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Belly Bazaar
for bellydance costumes & accessories
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Brighton Orient
for bellydance costumes & accessories
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for bellydance fusion, steam punk and other lush goodies
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for bellydance costumes & accessories
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Dancers World
for bellydance costumes & accessories
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Looking for costumes for class? Many dance students have costumes and accessories that they want to sell or swap, and at Mystic Bellydance we often have classes and workshops where students can bring along their items to sell or swap to help new students build up their dance wardrobe at a purse-friendly price.
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