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Bookings are taken throughout the year, and up to one year in advance.

We recommend booking early for our performances, and especially so for July and August dates to avoid disappointment.

* * PLEASE NOTE * * that we charge for our performances

How you can book Mystic Bellydance:

1.  Contact the Troupe Director to discuss your event

2.  Complete the required booking form & enclose a 25% deposit

3.  Advise the Troupe Leader on performance times

4.  Final payment is to be handed to the Troupe Leader on the day

We will cross-promote all the events we attend using our social media pages.

2019 Diary for Bookings













2017 Diary for Bookings...

Disney Themed Hafla
Eastern Beats in Norwich
Belly Bolly Boogie in Bacton
Hawi School Belly Dance Show in Kelvedon
Eastern Delights Hafla in Colchester
Mazazik Showcase 
Private Party Booking in Suffolk
Creators & Makers Market in Woodbridge
Blue Lotus Music Recital

Wiggle It Hafla in Clacton
Winter Shimmyland Hafla in Suffolk

YouTube Video

Leela (Mystic Bellydance's director) performing at the East Anglian Belly Dance Superstars Charity Show in October 2013, with an improvised routine dedicated to the memory of her mother who passed away earlier in the year.  Only the entrance and first 10 seconds were planned... the rest is an expression of 'in the moment' dancing.

DANCE: GEIA (Show Rehearsal - East Anglian Belly Dance Super Stars)

YouTube Video

We have performed at a number of events over the years, and have listed these by year for your interest.

2016 Performances 
April - Woodbridge MBS Event
July - Eastern Delights Hafla, Story Telling Festival
Oct - Wiggle It Hafla
Nov - Shimmylicious Hafla, Woodbridge MBS Event
Dec - Allonsfield Care Home Private Booking

2015 Performances
AY 30th - Fun Day in Aldeburgh
JUNE 27th - Hafla in Great Bromley, Colchester
JULY 4th - Village Fete in Rendham
12th - Family Fun Day in Ufford
AUGUST 31st - Village Fete in Rendlesham
OCTOBER 15th October - Wiggle It Hafla, Essex
NOVEMBER 7th - Rainbow Hafla (Essex) 
28th - Winter Shimmyland Hafla in Suffolk
DECEMBER 5th - Woodbridge MBS

2014 Performance Schedule
March 19th - Wolsley Theatre Group Meeting: Talk & Performance, Con Club, Ipswich
April 5 & 6th - Woodbridge Mind Body Spirit Event for Life Arts
June 14th - Wickham Market School Fete
July 5th - Eastern Delight Hafla
July 12th - Private Party
July 13th - Ufford Bygones & Family Fun Day (supporting our 2014/2015 charity the St Elizabeth's Hospice)
August 9th - Private Function (Wedding)

September 9th - Private Function (Wedding)
September 13th - Private Function
September 20th - Private Function (Wedding)
October - Wiggle It Hafla
November - Woodbridge MBS Event

2013 Performances
January 9th - Levington WI Performance
March 3rd - Felixstowe MBS with Gypsy Dreams Belly Dance
April 20th/21st - Woodbridge MBS with Gypsy Dreams Belly Dance
April 27th - Felixstowe Dancing Event with Bellylicious Babes
May 26th - Leiston & Aldeburgh SNT Family Fun Day
June 9th - Halesworth Carnival
June 26th - Bucklesham WI Performance
July 6th - Woodbridge Carnival & Performance
July 13th - Trimley Carnival & Performance
July 14th - Ufford Bygones & Family Fun Day
July 20th - Brook Farm Family Fun Day
August 10th - Felixstowe Carnival Procession & Performance
August 26th - Rendlesham Village Fete Performance
September 7th - Boyton Village Fete Performance
October 5th - East Anglian Belly Dance Superstars Charity Show
October 19th - Wiggle It Charity Dance Show (Clacton)
October 26th - Shiva 'n' Sheik VI - Halloween Hafla



2012 - Performance schedule
March 4 - Felixstowe Mind Body Soul event (with Gypsy Dreams Belly Dance)
March 10 - Spring Fling Gathering - Evening Hafla: Goddess Rising.  
March 17 - East Anglian Bellydance Superstars Charity Show hosted by Joanna Vanderhoeven of Gypsy Dreams Belly Dance at the Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge
April 21 & 22 - Woodbridge Mind Body & Spirit Festival (with Gypsy Dreams)
June 2 - Leiston & Aldeburgh Safer Neighbourhood Team Fun Day
June 2 - Private Party (Leela)
June 4 - Saxmundham Jubilee Celebrations
June 5 - Bruisyard Jubilee Celebrations
June 10 - Halesworth Carnival
July 21 - Brook Farm Family Fun Day, Saxmundham - times TBC
August 11 - Benhall Fete
August 18 - Felixstowe Carnival - Theme: Imagination
September 1 - Boyton Fete - 3pm
September 2 - Brampton Fete - 12.30pm
September 9 - Social Gathering
September 21 - Social Gathering (Girls Night & Baby Shower)
October 20 - Shiva 'N' Sheik V - Halloween Hafla in Kessingland 
October 21 - Felixstowe Mind Body Soul Event  
November 24 - Winter Hafla - hosted by Leanne of Mystic Bellydance 
December 5 - Wenhaston WI - 7.30pm 
December 7 - Saxmundham Xmas Fayre (tbc) 
December 9 - Woodbridge Mind Body Soul Event

2011 Performances were...
Friday 25th March - Stowmarket Charity Show:
Strictly Suffolk: Charity Dance Fest
Sunday 17th April - Woodbridge Mind Body & Spirit Event
Saturday 4th June - Family Fun Day - Leiston & Aldeburgh Safer Neighbourhood Team
Sunday 12th June - Halesworth Carnival
Saturday 2nd July - Rendlesham Primary School Fun Day
Saturday 16th July - Eastern Delight Hafla
Sunday 17th July - Peasenhall
Pea Procession

Saturday 23rd July - Brook Farm Family Fun Day
Saturday 23rd July - Fundraiser at Bruisyard Village Hall (evening)

Sunday 31st July - Fundraiser for the Cats Protection League at St Clements Social Club, Ipswich.
Saturday 13th August - Felixstowe Carnival
Sunday 21st August - Trimley Football Club Fundraiser
Monday 29th August - Rendlesham Street Fair & Fete
Saturday 3rd September - Yoxford-Oxfayre Procession
Sunday 4th September - Private Performance by Leanne - Egyptian Wedding in Ipswich (evening)
Saturday 15th October - Performance by Invitation (Children In Need), Clacton with Wiggle It
Thursday 20th October - WI Talk with Demonstration by Mystique
Saturday 22nd October - Shiva N Sheik IV, Kessingland - Performances by Mystique and Alchemy East

Sunday 20th November - Woodbridge Holistic Fayre at the Community Centre www.lifearts.co.uk

Friday 2nd December - Christmas Parade & Performance
December 2011 - Trinity Park Christmas Events 'Eastern Promise' 

PREVIOUS EVENTS 2010 - Performances, Carnivals, Parades & Shows

Hire Mystic Bellydance for your event!
Our charges are based upon the East Anglian Belly Dance Community recommended charging system.  

All genuine enquiries are considered and we will supply you with a schedule detailing what we offer, general information about our performances and the relevant charge.

When you hire Mystic Bellydance for an event, you are not just hiring a group of dancers.  Our charges are based on the level of knowledge, hours of study, investment of time and energy that has been undertaken through a number of years as individuals and as a troupe.  A great deal of care and time goes into creating our own unique and varied dance routines which we rehearse throughout the year ready for our performances. We source, customize or make our performance outfits, accessories and props and are passionate about supporting the dance community and portraying our chosen dance form with the respect it deserves.

For performances we will have carefully selected our dance routines to make the best of our time at your event, have taken care to create a specific playlist on CD and MP3 to perform to, carefully applied our make-up, styled our hair, ensured our costumes are ready and looking their best before even arriving at your event in good time, and ready to perform.

The funds we raise from our performances help us to fund rehearsal space and special costuming for our charity work  and annual show and so please bear in mind that you are not just paying for a person to turn up in a costume and wobble their belly.... you are
paying for our individual and collective artistry.

What about dancers who will perform for free for our event?
Well for a start, how can you be certain that you have booked a person or group that can actually dance?  What training have they had?  Have you seen them dance elsewhere? Have they considered the audience they are going to be performing to?  Are they dressed in appropriate costumes that are suitable for family audiences? 
Have they even considered the health & safety implications for themselves and the audience at your event?  Do they have 3rd party insurance?  Are they a professional or even semi-professional dance troupe?

There are lots of questions you should be asking, but more importantly, why are they happy to dance for free?  Any singer of a good calibre won't perform free of charge!  If they choose to waiver their fee, that's fine, but you should at least know what they would be charging you, and why they have chosen to waiver this.  

Often many teachers will take out their newer students to perform, so they get the experience of dancing in public... and that's fine, but the event organiser and audience need to know this, as it can be damaging to those dancers and troupes who work incredibly hard behind the scenes to try and give memorable, fun, exciting and inspirational experiences to their audiences.

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