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"To dance is to be out of yourself AND IN YOURSELF AT THE SAME TIME. Those whom you encompass need only to look... because they are inside of you when you dance." - Eva Cernik

The ability to dance lies inside of us all and at Mystic Bellydance we hope to help you set your dancer within free!

We use a base of Egyptian, Turkish and Arabian styles and we infuse a hint of Bollywood (India), Flamenco (Spain) and Latin American.  We also enjoy using elements from Persian, Moroccan and Saudi Arabian to add different variety and dimension to our style, which is usually referred to as 'Cabaret', 'Nightclub' , 'Trib-aret' or even Bellydance Fusion.  

What's special about Bellydance?
Unlike most dance styles, you use your entire body and muscular system from your neck down to your feet.  The belly (core) and hips play the largest role in this dance style and you will discover how to control and isolate your muscle groups as you dance.

What are the benefits?
Well there is obviously the chance of wearing beautiful jewellery and gorgeous costumes, and dancing with like minded people, but many of the benefits are: 

* Dancing is a great stress-buster and helps release your 'Happy Hormones'
* Lengthens, strengthens and tones muscle groups
* All over body workout and boosts 'heart health'
* Works the brain... helps memory recall and mental function
* Improves posture and flexibility
* Boosts self confidence, belief and self esteem
* Social, fun and enjoyable
* 'Me time' with likeminded souls 
* Feeling empowered and beautiful

Navigating our Website...
Follow our links to help you find out about our 
classes, workshops and events fall designed to help you learn more about t
his beautiful and expressive dance form and how to start your dance journey.

Performances by Mystic Bellydance
Book us to
perform at an event from an engagement party to a village fete, corporate 'do' to WI meeting.  Follow the links to our pages, or drop us an email with an outline of your enquiry - you will see we list our previous events to give you an idea of where our dancing takes us throughout the year!  

Dance Community - Dancing across East Anglia
We are BIG supporters of the local bellydance community too and for those of you who are looking for teachers, classes or performers our LINKS page has the East Anglian region covered with also details of other local dancers and teachers who are part of 'Project: Dance'.  

Check out the 
Bellydance Shops page too where you can find costumes, accessories, dance DVD's and CD's.


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