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We enjoy all our performances, whether on stage, at a fete or dancing for a WI group.  Here are a selection of photographs from some of our memorable events.  Please also have a look at our Photo Album for more images.

Photo credits to:

Tracie Robinson for Buzz Pix Photography


Berry Photographics

Brian Smith, Roger, Andy & Graham (our Beauty & the Belly Event Photographers - contact via Leanne)

The 2017 Summer School Students starting the summer term off with a little photo session, to show the sorts of things that we wear to class, because people tend to think we dance round in next to nothing!

...and of course a little photograph of the troupe in one of our favourite costumes. Whilst the Bedlah (bra & belt) is what most people commonly assume is traditional costuming, it is infact a Hollywood ideal, that shaped the world of oriental dance!  As we are known to often perform a melting pot of styles, and include some Bollywood in our performances, this outfit reflects our dance style and is practical.  Our skirts were from the mystical east, and our tops made in Egypt

At the 2016 Story Telling Festival in Blaxhall

Wiggle It Children in Need Fundraiser 2016

2016 Marks Tey Hafla

2016 Beauty & the Belly Workshop

2016 Wiggle It Hafla for Children in Need

2015's 'Beauty & The Belly Workshop' in May - with some first time make-up wearing students!

27th June 2015, found us dancing at the Eastern Delight's Hafla in Great Bromley, Colchester... and as always, we had a super time!

Bucklesham WI - June 2013
Image by Buzz Pix Photography

Trimley Carnival... yes we do belly dance fairies!

Ufford Bygones & Family Fun Day - July 2013
Photography by Buzz Pix Photography

Wickham Market Primary School Fete - Summer 2013
Image by Tracie (Buzz Pix)

Seckford Theatre Charity Show - October 2013
Image by Buzz Pix Photography


Peasenhall Pea-Festival
July 2012

Felixstowe Carnival
August 2012

Hollesley Village Fete
July 2012


Brook Farm Family Fun Day, Saxmundham
July 2012

Posing at the May 2012 Make-up Workshop & Photographic Session

Bruisyard Jubilee Celebration June 2012


Brampton Family Day
(& Plough Event)
September 2012 

2011... a few snapshots of what we got up to...

October 2011 - Shiva 'Ne' Sheik IV... Bellydance Rave from the Grave
Mystique ready to perform their fabulous Bollywood inspired number with a Halloween twist.  Performing the 'Dance of Pharaoh Bheegee' to the track 'Stayin' Alive (Desified) by Bally Sagoo, this dance saw the Mystic Mummies come alive and have some Bellywood fun.

August 2011 - Felixstowe Carnival
Theme: Countries of the World
Float Entry: (Ancient) Greece

Mystic Bellydance teamed up with Gypsy Dreams Belly Dance and Eastern Promises to take part, dressing as Greek Goddesses.  Gypsy Dreams dressed as the Minoan (Crete) statue of a goddess depicted with snakes.  The ladies danced the entire route... nearly 2 hours of non-stop dancing!  Thanks again goes to Rob from Camel Sand and Gravel for providing us with a vehicle to decorate!

11stowmarket_charity_nightJuly 2011 - Stowmarket Charity Fundraiser
Performance of Tyro Nour, a veil dance inspired by medieval dances.  With a full compliment of dancers it is performed in a wheel formation.

249877_10150645672070203_859660202_18855043_5468604_nJune 2011 - Halesworth Carnival
Overall Winners for the carnival, Mystic Bellydand teamed up with Gypsy Dreams Belly Dance to become pirates (Pirates of the Carribean IV being the inspiration behind it!)
Thanks to Rob at Camel Sand & Gravel for providing us with a float vehicle and Dave, Stu & Guy for being fellow shipmates!

198167_10150126618268201_600168200_6527954_4678356_nMarch 2011 - Make-Up & Photographic Workshop
Mystique striking a pose for Brian Smith of FCC as part of the make-up workshop and photographic session held (hosted by Mystic Bellydance, but open to any dancers who were lined up to appear in the Stowmarket charity show)

190797_1651285997571_1099622292_31362059_3613162_oMarch 2011 - Stowmarket Charity Show 'Strictly Suffolk... Charity Dance Fest'
Mystic Bellydance on stage at the Stowmarket Show, performing the routine 'Oriental Fantasy'

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